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SPS payments reduced 4% – In one hand out the other

Single Payment Supervisor It has been confirmed by the European Commision that 2013 SPS payments will be cut by four percent for those receiving over £1,700. Why? There simply isn’t enough money in the Common Agricultural Policy budget to cover the payments across the European Union (EU), in fact they estimate they are €1.47 billion short.

Some conciliation can be found in the fact this reduction will be offset with the higher 4.76% exchange rate. The reality though sees farmers getting less than they expected from the Common Agricultural Policy.

Maybe this is something farmers need to get used to with the EU cutting farm spending over the next several years. As a result maybe we should all need to get used to paying more for our milk, beef, lamb and pork?

Cross Compliance breaches cost farmers £1.4 million in 2012

RPA have released figures showing that farmers have seen their SPS (Single Payment Scheme) payments reduced by £1.4 million for failing to comply with the Cross Compliance regulations.

Of the 1,947 breaches, the most common was failing to report cattle deaths or movements, at 670 breaches. It is important to not only keep accurate records but to report them to BCMS in a timely manner. Reporting movements and deaths is easy with a host of options: CTS Online, CTS Self-Service Helpline or our personal favourite, Farm Matters.

The number of NVZ (Nitrate Vulnerabel Zone) breaches have almost trebled from 72 to 205 in 2012. We understand the NVZ regulations appear complicated but RPA will not accept this as a reason for failure to keep the accurate and up to date records. If you struggle with NVZ record keeping either use our farmer friendly software, NVZ Matters, or contact a qualifed professional, such as Countryside Consulting Ltd (01409 281 038).

Can you afford to lose 5% of your SPS payments? No! Ensure you keep your Cross Compliance records accurate and up to date.