Monthly Archives: March 2015

Sheep Tagging Confusion

It has come to our attention that some sheep farmers think they need to record the individual chip number of slaughter/flock mark tags. This is not the case! The rule of thumb is you only need to record what you can see. The legislation is based on the visible identification at the point of the event.

Conversely some farmers think they don’t need to record when tagging animals with slaughter/flock mark tags. However it is a legislative requirement that all tagging events are recorded including slaughter/flock mark tags. This can be as simple as recording ‘250 x UK123456’ in your identification records (Section 3 of the Holding Register).

Farm Matters Tip: If you tag your animals as they leave your farm, you can simply enter the movement off/sale event into Farm Matters and answer yes to the ‘Record Tagging’ question. This will automatically create the identification records based on the tag numbers entered for the movement.

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