Single Payment Scheme – The End

Single Payment Supervisor The submission deadline passed on 15th May with the final deadline of 9th June quickly approaching. Anyone who has not submitted a claim should do so as a matter of urgency, the penalties are relatively small at 1% of your payment per day late. This year spells the end of the Single Payment Scheme as the new Basic Payment Scheme will finally come into operation.

Initially introduced in 2005 the Single Payment Scheme replaced the many and varied existing subsidy schemes. The scheme saw a gradual transition from payment based on production to payment based on hectares. Some farmers saw there subsidy increase while other saw it reduce over the years, but one thing all agreed was that the new scheme was simpler than it’s predecessors. In 2008 an electronic submission method was trialled with ourselves submitting the first ever SPS application using our Single Payment Supervisor software. RPA have encouraged adoption of online services over the last six years with 2014 seeing a high proportion of SPS submissions being made electronically. Despite the serious technical problems encountered by RPA this year, online services have (in our estimation at least) been a success in helping to improve the efficiency of RPA and offering the modern tools expected by farmers & land agents these days.

Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), with it’s Digital by Default policy, Identity Assurance approach and new rules promises to be as different as it is familiar. We are working alongside RPA to develop our software package ready for the challenges of BPS. This year saw ~3.5% of the nation’s submissions made using our software, we hope to continue our tradition of being at the forefront of electronic subsidy submissions.

Good bye Single Payment Scheme,
Hello Basic Payment Scheme.

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